AVC Technologies has designed, engineered and installed thousands of systems that integrate home audio, video, lighting control, motorized shades, security & surveillance, climate control and more.

AVC Technologies Services - Smart Home

Home Automation & Integration

Home automation is quickly becoming an essential way to how we live and function in our every day lives. Controlling the climate, the lights, entertainment, security, doors / locks and more from your smart phone, tablet or a touchpanel provides convenience, saves valuable time & creates simplicity for everyone in the family and even your guests.

AVC Technologies Services - Home Theater

Home Theater and Media Rooms

Customizing today's home theater environment offers many different options and aesthetic solutions.  With technology changing so rapidly, it's important to have a resource you can rely on to help you make the best decisions to attain the ultimate jaw dropping experience for your room.

Designing your theater is a lot more than buying expensive A/V components and hooking them all up together. AVC employs some of the industry's most respected professionals and technicians with years of experience properly designing and installing reliable high performing systems, all within your budget.

AVC Technologies Services - Conference Room

Conference & Board Rooms

Intelligently integrating today's technology into your conference and board rooms is an effective way to increase your firm's presentation capabilities and overall company appeal.

How often do your clients come into your office, walk down the hall, and directly into the conference room? Out the door, back down the hall and that's all most of your client will ever see of your operation. It's amazing how a beautiful decor matched with a simplistic and modern integrated technology solution can create the experience you're looking for to validate and impress your clientele.

AVC Technologies Services - Lighting Control

Lighting Control Systems

Save energy and reduce wall clutter all while enhancing your homes ambiance and mood - lighting control is the fastest growing technology being implemented into homes today. Walls with multiple lighting switches can now be replaced with an elegant intelligent keypad that is able to control your lights, shades and even the music.

Create your own preset scenes such as "Entertain" which might turn on the kitchen lights, foyer, family room and the powder bathroom lights to instantly set your home into the perfect decor for your friends. Pressing the "Goodnight" button could turn all of the lights off in the house and lower the master bedroom shades.

For commercial and residential systems alike, you can lower your energy bill through the use of energy efficient lighting fixtures coupled with the dimming and programming capabilities of a lighting control system.

AVC Technologies Services -Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades and Draperies

Low voltage motorized shades, draperies, romans, plantation shutters, blinds - the perfect complement to any home's decor or commercial office environment and they're whisper quiet.  Now with wireless & battery solutions available, adding motorized shades to any location has become easy.  In a large home or commercial space, globally control or automate your motorized window treatments to go up or down at specific times. 

AVC specializes in highly specific custom installations for both new installation and retrofit applications.  We take pride in our expertise to engineer unique solutions for difficult building challenges to provide our clients with the most functional and aesthetically pleasing result.

AVC Technologies Systems - Security Alarm & Monitoring

Security & Monitoring

An AVC custom installed security system is far different than what you can expect to get from a national provider.  Avoid large ugly contacts and sensors, hard-wire where possible and monitor things like the smoke, heat and carbon monoxide.  

In a large custom home, we work with the window and door manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, to insure hiding sensors are approved within their warranty specifications.  Our goal is to give you the peace of mind of a perfectly secured home while maintaining the overall decor.

For commercial installations, we design our systems to be simple, convenient and affordable. 

AVC Technologies Systems - Camera Systems

Camera Systems

AVC knows how important the security of your home or business is. We provide and install highly innovative video solutions for virtually any surveillance application.  Whether you're looking to cover a small area or a large sprawling space, we can help engineer the right solution to fit your budget and secure your risk management.     

Monitor your cameras from your smart phone or tablet, setup notifications to alert you when there is activity at various times or review recorded footage, anytime, anywhere.  Integrate the DVR or NVR (network video recorder) with the A/V system to view cameras on your TV's.

AVC Technologies Systems - Whole House Music

Whole House Music

Multi-room audio or whole house music allows you to listen to your music anywhere in the home or office environment where you have speakers.  Use your smart phone or tablet to have absolute control over your music - adjust the volume, change your music source, skip to the next song -  and do it all individually for each room or globally for the whole house with the touch of a button.   

Many options are available to achieve your aesthetic vision from invisible speakers to discretely hidden or small speakers, all matched to your interior while delivering a high quality sound.

AVC Technologies Systems - PC, Networking, and Wireless

Networking & Wi-Fi

Networks today are more important than ever with today's technology. There are now so many devices sitting on your network communicating and taking up bandwidth - Smart phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, media devices, printers, and the list goes on.

Managing and creating a stable network is critical to getting the most out of your high speed internet access. Choosing the right equipment based upon how & what your family or business uses is often the difference between a low and high performing network. 

Choosing the right Wi-Fi components is also important depending on the size of your space.  Whether interior or exterior - steel, wood or concrete construction - we have the expertise to set you up with the right solution to give you best wireless coverage.

AVC Technologies Systems - Access Control

Access Control

Unlock and lock your doors from your smart phone or tablet, anywhere in the world.  Setup text message and e-mail notifications to know when the kids are home or when employee's have entered or left the office.

Choose from battery powered wireless solutions, biometric fingerprint scanners or custom door door strike & magnet solutions and more.  We have the expertise to provide you with the right solution.

AVC Technologies Services - Digital Signage

Digital Signage

The future of Digital Signage continues to rapidly evolve, where media content communicates directly to your targetted audience with information and messages that are relevant, exciting and dynamic.  

Digital signage enables you to create your content, customize the way it's presented, measure your data and present high quality media that creates an meaningful impacting impression. 

AVC Technologies Services - Teleconference

Video Conferencing

Video conference solutions are an effective way for today's businesses to communicate, collaborate and share information between remote office locations and your teams. 

Scalable solutions can easily be integrated into your business whether you have two local offices or fifty locations spread around the world.  

AVC Technologies Systems - Telephone & Intercom

Telephone & Intercom

Intercom systems have begun to re-emerge with the introduction of smart phone and tablet integration.  Your smart devices can now be setup to communicate with the front gate or the front door with both the ability to see and communicate with them. 

AVC installs both residential and commercial telephone systems.  Residential applications are typically designed to achieve whole-home cordless coverage, intercom capabilities and voice mail customization.

AVC Technologies Systems - Hidden Video Solutions

Hidden Audio & Video Solutions

Concealing technology can be a challenge today however with the right foresight and planning, most anything can be accomplished.  Today more than ever, integrating technology into the decor of your space without sacrificing quality or aesthetics is what makes the difference between something that's generic and extraordinary. 

We seamlessly work hand in hand with designers, architects and builders to insure the finished result you're expecting.  Whether it's recognizing architectural edges with detailed ceiling arrangements, measuring custom fabricated cabinetries or engineering and installing custom motorized lifts, we're expertly prepared to solve complex problems with intelligent solutions to achieve your vision. 

AVC Technologies Systems - Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring

AVC pre-wires both residential and commercial applications for basic structured wiring including CATV, satellite, telecom, ethernet, audio/video, CCTV, fiber optic, security, lighting control, integration systems and more.  Whether a singular project, high-rise development or community of homes, our team is expertly equipped to meet and maintain your unique production schedule.

With over 35 years in the construction industry, you can be assured that we can get the job on time. 

AVC Technologies Systems - Outdoor Audio Video

Outdoor Entertainment

Design your outdoor space to include a wide range of solutions from weatherproof TV's (designed to work in wet locations or directly on the water), landscape speaker systems, projection systems, and more.  We make sure to work with the best manufacturers not only to insure the quality and performance, but also for the best support.  Weather can be volatile, we want to insure the products we install hold up to the elements.

Custom engineered solutions for outdoor areas such as cabanas, docks, outdoor kitchens and other detached structures are well within our competency. 



AVC Technologies Services - Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

With over 35 years of experience working in the construction industry, AVC has accumulated much knowledge in all facets of electrical cabling and design.  Our systems designers will gladly work with you to value engineer your electrical systems to achieve the best possible result when it comes to primary and backup power as well as lighting and integration to the other systems in your residence or commercial installation. 

We look at the big picture from a turnkey perspective to accomplish our objective of providing you with a better conceived and more cost affective electrical design.

AVC Technologies Systems - Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

Tampa, Florida is the lightning capital of the nation - we receive more lightning strikes than anywhere else.  Guaranteeing 100% protection for your home or building from lightning is unfortunately not entirely possible however we can get you pretty close.

We've spent an enormous amount of time researching and deploying some of the industry's most robust surge suppression devices and systems.  Determining which devices are best for your application or examining where layering supplementary protection provides the most benefit has become a bit of an art and is something we take great pride in understanding and educating our clients with. 

AVC Technologies Systems - Green Energy Management

Green Energy Management

Saving energy for the benefit of the environment while also decreasing your utility bill seems like a win win solution.  Manage your climate control's efficiency, install a lighting control system to measure occupancy and vacancy or install motorized window shades that go up and down perfectly with the sun using a built-in astrological time clock.

Whether your project is a true green home/building application or you're simply looking to save money and get more efficient, we have the resouces available to help deliver on excatly that.

AVC Technologies Systems - Solar Energy

Solar & Renewable Energy

Solar energy is quickly becoming more affordable with government rebate and tax benefits supplementing the cost.  Coupled with being energy efficient in other areas, having the capability to sell energy back to the power company is now possible.

Unique solar panel installation options are available depending on your roof's structure.  Whether your trying to blend in with a residential decor or you're looking to maximize the space on your building's roof or parking canopy, we can help design a system to best fit your needs and maximize the return on your investment.